Inspecting a venue is an important part of the decision-making process in choosing a suitable location for your conference, even if you’re using a venue finding company. Before you go, you’ll need a clear understanding of your conference objectives, attendee demographics, program design, meeting formats and social activity requirements.

An inspection is valuable in assessing each venue on the many different aspects of running a conference, such as a venue’s physical condition and the logistics.

Areas to consider include:

  • Conference room access
  • Location of dining and accommodation
  • Quality and standard of food and conference break refreshments
  • Standard of conference room equipment
  • Flexibility in the attitude of venue staff
  • Presentation of venue staff
  • Conference room size
  • Comfort of chairs
  • Lighting
  • Safety

It is recommended to compile a list of important items in order to give them a score at each venue.

At the start of the inspection, tell the person who is showing you around that you’ll be taking notes. Remember to ask for at least three references of companies that have recently used the venue.

Venue choice will impact the conference outcome so be thorough in your assessment.

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