A debrief is essential to determine what worked well and what areas need improvement. Conference presenters and delegates can provide you with valuable feedback which can be used to make the next conference even better. Bear in mind though that you’ll never be able to please everyone.

You have some options for obtaining feedback: an online/pre-printed questionnaire or a debrief session.


Delegates can complete a questionnaire at the end of each session (in case you have different speakers) or at the end of the conference. You’ll need to address issues such as speaker style, content as well as venue comfort, conference service, food and beverage. Any venue issues need to be addressed with the venue.


A debrief session with guest speakers and your company staff is a great way to gain a better understanding and whether expectations were met.

You’ll find this feedback invaluable for future conference planning.

Below is a sample of some of the questions you may like to include in your questionnaire:

  1. Did you enjoy the food during the conference? Consider quality, size of portions, special dietary requests and appropriateness of the food for your group.
  2. Please comment on the conference room. Consider the room set-up, lighting, climate control, servicing during breaks, cleanliness and equipment.
  3. Did the accommodation meet your expectations? Please comment.
  4. Please comment on the service. Was your timing schedule met? Were the staff attentive and prompt in following up your requests?
  5. What was your overall impression of your stay at the venue?
  6. Describe your most positive conference experience.
  7. Did the conference meet your expectations?
  8. Please comment on how you related to the information the speaker/facilitator delivered.
  9. Please provide any further comments.

You will find this feedback invaluable for future conference planning.

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