A major consideration for any conference is choosing a suitable speaker who can engage the audience, as this impacts the outcome of the event.

Here’s a list of tips:

  • Ask a previous speaker for a referral.
  • Get company recommendations or contact the Industry Association.
  • Determine your expectations so you’re clear about what type of speaker you’re looking for, e.g. attracting more people or motivating the sales team.
  • Check the speaker’s credentials and contact a couple of references.

Once you’ve decided who’ll be speaking at the event, you need to ensure all bases are covered with the speaker. Make sure you address the following issues:

  • Communicate your needs and expectations clearly to the speaker by sending a brief.
  • Educate the speaker by sending plenty of company information so the presenter can prepare by becoming familiar with your business objectives.
  • Treat the speaker like an attendee and ensure the presenter receives the relevant conference information, including the event schedule.
  • Ensure there’s clarity regarding the fee arrangement, outlining what is included and what isn’t, such as travel costs, overnight accommodation, meals, etc.

Keep in mind that the speaker is invited, and paid, to meet your conference objectives so don’t be scared to be clear in your expectations. At the end of the day, a well-briefed speaker will deliver effective presentations which will result in a successful event.

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