Regional South Australia has everything you need for your next business event or conference.

What makes Regional South Australia great for conferences?

It is the perfect location to hold your next conference or business event. From small gatherings to large conferences, regional South Australia has a variety of venues and attractions that will meet your every need.

Explore some of the venues we work with in Regional South Australia.

Mount Lofty House | Conference Venues Regional SA | Conference Venues South Australia

Mount Lofty House

Located a convenient 15 minutes from the Adelaide CBD, Mount Lofty House is located in the Adelaide Hills, situated on 5 acres of gardens. This beautifully restored boutique hotel borders the exotic Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens and is near to the historic towns of Birdwood, Stirling and Hahndorf. Recreational…

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Conference Tips - Planning

Conference Tips - Planning

So you've been asked to organise a conference. It might be your first time or maybe you’ve done it many times before but the reality is, you want it to be a success without creating too much stress. Conference planning involves: Goal setting Venue selection Budgeting Conference management Financial…

Conference Tips - Meeting Specifications or a Request for Proposal (RFP)

Conference Tips - Meeting Specifications or a Request for Proposal (RFP)

Documenting your conference specifications is important because it forces you to think about the resources your group needs to meet the conference objectives. In the long run, it will save you time as having your requirements down on paper will come in handy when you’re dealing directly with a venue…

Conference Tips - Assistance

Conference Tips - Assistance

If all this sounds like an overwhelming responsibility, that’s because it is. Tens, or sometimes hundreds, of thousands of dollars are spent on a conference. Making the event a success reflects well on the organiser but the opposite is also true. Conference planning is a step-by-step process: Goal…

The Conference Organiser's Guide

A complete guide for executive assistants and event organisers to successfully plan and run their next conference.

What it covers:

  • Understanding the purpose of the conference
  • Venue selection
  • Financial Planning
  • Conference management
  • Debrief and review

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