A nation rich in history and culture, Vietnam is a tapestry of bustling cities and serene countryside, where age-old traditions intertwine with modern life, and the harmony of its people with nature, ancestors, and the community is deeply cherished.

What makes Vietnam great for conferences?

Vietnam is celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes ranging from the terraced rice fields of Sapa in the north to the intricate waterways of the Mekong Delta in the south. Hanoi, its centuries-old capital, showcases ancient pagodas and colonial-era lanes, while Ho Chi Minh City boasts skyscrapers and bustling markets. Between them, coastal cities like Da Nang and Hoi An offer both historic charm and beautiful beaches.

Explore some of the venues we work with in Vietnam.

The Westin Resort Nusa Dua | Conference Venues Vietnam

JW Marriott Hanoi

JW Marriott Hanoi combines expressive architecture with signature services, offering a contemporary luxury venue that includes over 2,400 sqm of meeting space across 17 high-ceiling rooms, all on one floor, complemented by 2,600 sqm of pre-function areas, making it an ideal choice for regional and global gatherings.

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Conference Tips - Planning

Conference Tips - Planning

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Conference Tips - Meeting Specifications or a Request for Proposal (RFP)

Conference Tips - Meeting Specifications or a Request for Proposal (RFP)

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Conference Tips - Assistance

Conference Tips - Assistance

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The Conference Organiser's Guide

A complete guide for executive assistants and event organisers to successfully plan and run their next conference.

What it covers:

  • Understanding the purpose of the conference
  • Venue selection
  • Financial Planning
  • Conference management
  • Debrief and review

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